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EXPOSED!  Republicans Cut Back Room Deal to Raise Your Taxes

UPDATE: Thanks to publicity from West Virginia Democrats, the WV House Dems, and here at Home Yesterday, Republicans voted against the bill, after they voted for it. That’s a flip-flop, but at least it’s a flip flop in favor of the people for a change. We’ll need to stay vigilant. It’s likely the idea will […]

Seriously, What Century is it in West Virginia?

Republicans are marching West Virginia into the darkest corners of the past. Here are nine examples: The last time unions did not have the right to bargain for a union shop was 1947. In 2016, West Virginia Republicans brought that back. When Delegate Justin Marcum spoke up against union busting, you can hear how working […]

Two for the Show in West Virginia

West Virginia has had it up to here with both political parties. On the Democratic side, the President has historically-low approval ratings. On the Republican side, West Virginia has rejected a train of establishment candidates in favor of Donald Trump. Research suggests that West Virginians are more pessimistic about the economy and more concerned with family […]

Looting of WV Continues with Gas Company Giveaways, Budget Cuts

There’s a budget crisis in West Virginia, to be sure, but it appears that it is a budget crisis for certain people and not for others. While working West Virginia families are suffering, the new Republican leadership is busy handing out expensive goodies to all their pals in corporate America. The party of the rich is […]

The Right-Wing Coal Con

UPDATE: The coal billionaire demanding a tax cut while schools literally crumble in Fayette County, and while West Virginia has a 300-400 million dollar deficit responds — and he sounds pretty mad. Let it not be said I won’t give him equal time. His response is here, original article below. Mitch McConnell finally gave away the […]

Blankenship Case Exhibits the Need to Change the System

UPDATE 2/17/16: Regular as clockwork, another CEO, Gary Southern, has swung himself a 30 day jail sentence despite poisoning the water supply for Charleston West Virginia. There continues to be one system for the rich in this country and one for everybody else. That has got to change. Don Blankenship will escape his criminal trial […]

Patriot Cole Plunders West Virginia

UPDATE: On January 27th, with Bill Cole’s apparent approval, billionaire Bob Murray came to Charleston to suggest he pay no tax at all, or get more than a 50% cut, while West Virginia faces a budget crisis: Bob Murray almost yelling about West Virginia’s coal severance tax, calling it too high. — Jonathan Mattise (@JonathanMattise) […]

Day of Reckoning: Blankenship Goes on Trial

Whatever happens at his trial, the hard truth is we are living in Don Blankenship’s West Virginia. The billionaire coal baron may have landed himself in the dock, but along the way, he landed an avalanche of politicians in our Capitol. The policies, and the politicos, that Blankenship groomed for a decade finally broke through […]

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