Bringing Washington DC Politics to Charleston

Public approval of the US Congress has been declining for many years. The public’s opinion of our national legislature currently sits at an all-time low of just 14%. Ineffectiveness, partisan bickering and being out of touch with everyday Americans drive those low ratings. State legislatures were a different story, until recently. Americans generally approve of […]

The Road to Nowhere

West Virginia needs an advanced, forward-thinking legislature that can tackle the complex problems we face. Unfortunately, we have a legislature that cannot even do the basic work of maintaining our state. Virtually everyone recognizes that the condition of our roads cannot be tolerated, but the hard-right wingers in the legislature have killed the bill to […]

Two for the Show in West Virginia

West Virginia has had it up to here with both political parties. On the Democratic side, the President has historically-low approval ratings. On the Republican side, West Virginia has rejected a train of establishment candidates in favor of Donald Trump. Research suggests that West Virginians are more pessimistic about the economy and more concerned with family […]

The Right-Wing Coal Con

UPDATE: The coal billionaire demanding a tax cut while schools literally crumble in Fayette County, and while West Virginia has a 300-400 million dollar deficit responds — and he sounds pretty mad. Let it not be said I won’t give him equal time. His response is here, original article below. Mitch McConnell finally gave away the […]