UPDATE: Thanks to publicity from West Virginia Democrats, the WV House Dems, and here at Home Yesterday, Republicans voted against the bill, after they voted for it. That’s a flip-flop, but at least it’s a flip flop in favor of the people for a change. We’ll need to stay vigilant. It’s likely the idea will be resurrected when we least expect it. Thanks for reading, sharing, and making your voices heard.

House Democrats moved to kill tax bill HB2704 and lost on a 46 to 53 vote.
— Del. Stephen Skinner (@delegateskinner) February 29, 2016

But one hour later, the Republicans reconsidered:

Following a ruckus today in the House of Delegates, HB2704, the tax bill, died a quick death. Thanks for the calls, emails and posts.
— Del. Stephen Skinner (@delegateskinner) February 29, 2016

Original Article:

We’ve known for a while that Republicans could not spend the whole session delivering handouts and goodies to their corporate cronies without taxpayers getting the bill. Still, the West Virginia Republicans waited until the last possible moment to spring a bigger tax hike on workers than even I ever imagined.

West Virginia’s Republican Tax Increase Plan, will add dozens of new taxes on West Virginia’s working families. Speaker of the House Tim Armstead (R-Kanawha) and his finance team, Eric Nelson (R-Kanawha) and Eric Householder (R-Berkeley), hijacked a bill on the last day to pass bills out of committee and filled it up with brand new taxes on middle class people.

UPDATE: Republicans defeated a Democratic attempt to table this bill and stop these taxes from being raised:

House Democrats moved to kill tax bill HB2704 and lost on a 46 to 53 vote.

— Del. Stephen Skinner (@delegateskinner) February 29, 2016

These new taxes include:

DEATH TAXES: The Republican plan taxes your estate planning with a brand new tax on making out a will. Further, it will tax you after your die with a new funeral tax.

ANIMAL TAXES: New taxes on your furry friends and their trips to the Vet are included in the GOP package.

NURSING HOME TAXES: A new nursing home tax that will hurt our vulnerable seniors the most when they have already paid their fair share and can no longer earn income to offset the new taxes.

TAXES ON NEWS: The GOP plan puts new taxes on television, radio, and newspapers (probably so fewer people can learn about how harmful Republican rule at the legislature really is).

HOUSE TAXES: The House GOP’s proposal puts a slew of new taxes on building, buying and renovating, financing and refinancing houses. This hurts construction business and workers who already got hit when the Republicans took away West Virginia’s prevailing wage.

CONSTRUCTION TAXES: New taxes on designing and surveying will hinder construction projects West Virginia needs to grow.

TAXES ON TAXES: The secret Republican plan makes you pay a tax for getting help filing your taxes.

NEW CAR TAXES: With a new advertising tax on car dealers, the dealers will have have to pass on this tax to car buyers.

TAXES ON RAPE & ABUSE VICTIMS: With a new tax on counselors, anyone who receives help for abuse, rape or even smoking cessation with have to pay new taxes.

So what do the Republicans call this new batch of taxes? “The Tax Decrease Act,” of course. Just like Republican wage bills lower wages, and Republican freedom bills reduce freedom, Republican “tax lowering bills” raise taxes. And what’s it all for? So Koch Brothers cronies like Armstead, Nelson, Householder, and others like Bill Cole and JB Mccluskey, can take junkets to Palm Springs and deliver massive payouts to their elite donors.

Remember, when Republicans take over, the budget disaster comes with them and who pays up? Not their rich friends, that’s for sure. It’s the ordinary working person that shoulders the burdens when the party of the rich gets control. Republicans are raising taxes on everyone, and still haven’t fixed PEIA for our teachers, police, firefighters and retirees. You just can’t trust them.

PS: Think I’m biased because I’m no fan of Republicans? Check out this article from the non-partisan press association.

For comparison’s sake, hear how the PEIA crisis is being ignored while Republicans raise your taxes, and cut them on corporations, as explained by Delegate Issac Sponaugle.